Great Hunting Camp Ideas for setting up a deer hunt camp or improving a old big game hunt camp

Hunt. Learn to hunt to survive in hard times or just learn to hunt to eat, or for the enjoyment of being in the great outdoors during hunting season.

 Whether you need to find out how to build a shower , set up solar power , acquire water or build food plots ,we have a variety of knowledgeable ideas on how to get these camp projects done on the cheap as we are cheap and can t afford them anymore than you can. We took our hunt camp from primitive to less than primitive with some hard work and lots of beer. Our camp now has a steady automated water supply using roof top rain water system that automatically pumps our water up to a water tower using solar panels to power the water pump that runs using an automated system so that we always have water which is far better than when we never had any. We have a unique setup for heating our camp with a wood stove and ceiling fan that blows the heat down from the flue which runs horizontally under the deck roof to warm up the deck area ,the ceiling fan also being run by solar that in turn is used in the hot Georgia summers to cool down the deck area. We try to keep up with all the latest products that make hunting more fun and enjoyable and have links to where you can find these newest hunting products. Build a good hunting camp setup or find a hunting camp near you. Cheapest way to build a hunting cabin. 

Cheapest way to build a hunting cabin

One of the better ways to get cheap if not totally free items or materials for a cheap camp setup is to go online to Craigslist. Then select -for sale -and then type in the word “Free” ,but change your location settings to an area near or on the way to you hunt camp first so that you can stop in on your way there and pick up the freebees.

This trick will also work on Facebook Marketplace .

Plastic pallets are great for building a deck at camp

hunting camp pallet decking

They can be laid out and covered in a layer of pressure treated plywood then covered in outdoor carpet , Remember to stagger the sheets and screw the pallets together then screw the plywood down onto the pallets.

For footers use cap blocks at the corners and at each intersection of pallets.These ones are the best as their nice and strong . You can also zip tie each pallet to the next .

Learn how to acquire a steady water supply at hunt camp.

A steady water supply is necessary at any hunting camp not only for comfort but also as a necessity if you plan on staying at camp overnight or weekend or longer.

You’ll need water for cleaning dishes, your outdoor shower,watering food plots or a hunt camp garden .

We have gone so far as to have coffee plants at our camp and it was necessary to keep them watered regularly. Our restroom has a steady water supply as we have a real toilet and septic system to boot.

DIY Your own ground blinds

Hunting blinds ideas

A warm and cozy ground blind

Stay warm while hunting on the coldest days

Build a DIY Hay bale hunting blind

You'll never want to leave

How To Build a Hunting Camp shower

Hunting Camp Shower Ideas

This is a usb rechargeable shower by Ivation that can be found on Amazom . There are a wide selection of different camp showers out there but I like this one for its simplicity and ease of use .

This is a great idea if you can manage to find any old water totes anymore. They have become a hot item because of their versatility with the ability to use them for many different DIY projects at camp

This is actually a shower set up by Poly John ,The holding tank has been left out of the manufacturing process and a shower floor and shower apparatus added to change it from intended use to a camp shower. I would recommend putting a sign on front stating -For Shower Use Only'

These USB Rechargeable Flashlights By Sup Fire are excellent, I use them and recommend them . Check out all their flashlights on Amazon.

Try these Light Bar Brand 360 degree LED Headlamps . They're excellent for climbing tree stands or dressing big game

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Contribute a hunting story

Everyone has a good story about a certain hunt whether true ,embellished,imagined or not even close at all.

If fish were as big as deer then there would be a lot more boats sunk under the weight of big tales told so if you have a good story you know of or would like to share then click here and tell that story far and wide .