10 Ideas On How To Build A Great Urinal At Hunt Camp

Hunt Camp Urinal Idea #1 -

  • Have the kids help if your too hung over like I was , I put them to work collecting rocks gravel , Bringing over wood , getting nails , It made a tough time easier ,
  • I started basic with 4 pcs 4 inch by 4 inch pressure treated posts dug into ground about 2 feet ,I made sure posts were on square setting and compacted in well .
  •  I then added a fifth post as hinge post for the door way . 
  • Where i needed the urinal i dug down about afoot and a half by 1 foot wide trench that started about a foot and a half inside structure area .
  •  This trench led outside pisser to a small pit about three foot deep by 3 by 3 foot wide which we then filled in with large rocks then progressively smaller gravel ,
  • I plumbed the pisser pipe to end in middle of pit and about 8 inches below ground surface , We then filled pit with ore gravel and about 4 inches from top I covered pit with and old rubber matt and then covered that with more dirt .
  • I put a piece of plywood across back to make a wall and then screwed a 5 gallon clear water jug I found in a ditch on the way down to hunt camp.
  • You have to scavenge for camp gear as much as possible to save money because camp members are too cheap to contribute.
  • We then covered exterior walls with fabric from a tennis court that was also scavenged .
  •  It was then tested and works till this day .. 

Hunt Camp Urinal Idea #2-

  • This is a tried and true urinal from way back , There was way more interest in automotive when I was growing up than there is now and if someone had a garage there was usually someone there working on their car and everyone else was hanging out and drinking beer which of course means you had to piss a lot which brought about the invention of the world famous transmission funnel urinal .
  • A long funnel used for refilling transmission fluid was repurposed as a quick fix urinal , I hole would be drilled through the back wall of the garage and funnel set in , outside a hose was attached and run off into the woods . If someone asked where’s the bathroom they were pointed to the back of the garage . 

Hunt Camp Urinal Idea #3-

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