A Warm Hunting Blind , How Good Can It Get ?

Here's This Great Idea For A Hunting Blind That's Cheap And Easy To Build

Easy DIY build Warm hinting blind

I came across this great idea for a hunting blind that with a few more add on DIYs could turn out to be more of a glamping style deer blind .

Warm hunting blind

  • I had another type of blind on my Pinterest site for a while but then came across this one and thought that if it were incorporated into the other design it would be weather proof  and rain proof as well as sound proof which would be great in that you would be less likely to spook any game while you would be hunting in near luxury surroundings plus you can build this really cheap by getting the hay from a local farmer and in these images it shows a floor but you don’t necessarily need a floor.
  • You can use lengths of rebar at about 12  feet each and drive them into the ground then bend them into the shape you need .
  •  If you buy them at Home Depot they will cut them to size for you .
  • Remember to get a roll of tie wire and take a sledge and also a pair of bolt cutters .
  • The idea I have for this set up is a few minor changes that should make it weather proof . The deer blind as a hay bale looks as though it is just the hay on the wire frame but it would be a lot better to start with one wire frame and put a tarp over it completely covering it and making sure it is water proof even going so far as to spray it down to test it .

  • After it is secured and tested then wrap it in another layer of wire mesh and on the outside of the second wire mesh put your layer of hay but to make the layer of hay as thick as possible so that it soundproofs the blind and the tarp acts as the weatherproofing for the blind. 

  • https://www.pinterest.com/SolarFabric/hunting-camp-ideas/deer-hunting-blinds/

    If you go to my Pinterest site I have these ideas and over 1,000 more ideas on hunting camp designs etc..

  • Warm hunting blind
Warm hunting blind

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