Are They Poaching Or Are They Tracking A Wounded Deer?

Someones On Your Hunt Property and They Claim They're Not Doing Anything"

Someones Trespassing On Your Hunt Camp Property .

  • Ways To Find Out what they were doing .
  • Track their movements to find out exactly where they were in your property boundaries .
  • Back Track their tracks to see exactly where they came from .
  • Now What ? Your too far from police and no cell service available ?
  • Wheres the blood trail that they are following?
  • Take video of them so that they know that you know -what you know…if you know what i mean..
  • Don’t threaten them because you may shoot a big deer of a lifetime the next day and it will probably run onto their property because it was hiding in the brush when you were running off the intruders and it heard everything you said so it now feels safer being on adjoining property.. Yep

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