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Gary Brown

Gary Brown as { Editor in Chief } is not only one of our worst writers he is also our only writer and deserves all blame for how bad ,senseless and indecipherable all these posts are. 

To alleviate any of our vast network of readers concerns he has been informed by the {Chief of Staff } – Gary Brown , That he will soon be fired and replaced by a well seasoned writer or whomever applies for a writer position first .

Having run over countless deer and bludgeoning them to death with a tire iron to put them out of their misery I consider my self to be one of Americas Finest hunters and love to write these stories of my manly exploits, Never again will Bambi and his Gang make any attempt at home invasions in American homes by way of forced entry’s down a chimney as I will be there waiting to suffocate them with Christmas Stockings made for just such purpose. They are not blood red for the hell of it . 

William Thames

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A little backround on my experiences growing up and hunting white tail deer in lower
Alabama. My grand father helped start a club on the east bank of the Tombigbee river in the
early 1950’s. There are several pictures of my father there circa 1955 holding, proudly I might
add, a doe or a small rack 4 point.