Deer Stand Dangers To Look Out For

Deer Camp dangers Including deer Stands

Make sure that you get down to camp before hunt season begins to check out camp for any hidden dangers.

Here’s a quick list of dangers at hunt camp to watch out for.

Dangerous Deer Stands At Camp

  • Make sure that you get down to camp before hunt season begins to check out camp for any hidden dangers.
  • Before the season starts you should climb all your stands while and after thoroughly checking them for wear and tear, broken or worn or rusted  ladder legs , Check the back sides of the rungs as they may be damaged or rusted all the way through and you may not even be able to see the damage from the front .
  • Then climb up to the cage if it has one and check it out but before you get there remember to shake the hell out of the entire stand to help dislodge any critters especially the ones that fly referred to as Wasps which will be the most likely one you’ll encounter .
  • If your metal stand has a swivel style boat seat the wasps love to build their nests inside the hollow support tube.They fly into a small opening just below the plastic seat and down the shaft .

Watch Out Where You Put Your Deer Stand

Before you put up your deer stand take a good look around at all the other trees in the vicinity even as far away as the height of the tallest tree in the area . If there is a tree around that is 200 feet tall then you need to take a close look at all the trees within 200 feet of your deer stand because if one of these trees is dead or rotted or diseased then you may become a tree swipe just like a bug except bigger and nastier .

All it takes is a high wind or just gravity or even recent rains to bring a tree down and if you have mistakenly erected your deer stand with in the dead zone then you may get swiped off your deer stand tree just like a bug without any warning other than a loud crack as the tree snaps in half and hits the tree your in and then follows it down swiping everything off it including you.

This has happened plenty of times and taken out quite a few hunters . Their called widow makers and they don’t care if your a lumber jack or not  so be careful from the start and pick a good tree in a safe place and check that tree for hazards as well . Especially Poison Ivy 


My Cure For Poison Ivy Or Poison Oak Is This Simple Process

Left Over Barb Wire From Before Camp was Used For Hunting

  • Go around your camp perimeter looking for newly downed trees . These often times bring barbed wire down with them. If the tree was planted or grew naturally long before you arrived it may have had a barbed wire fence attached to the tree while it was still young and then as it grew the wire may have been raised higher up with the growth of the tree or even by vines taking wire up in height.
  • Check all your trails for wire so that you don’t snag any recently exposed wire.
  • Recent or summer rains will expose wire that had previously been buried along camp roadsides so watch for these.


The Old Rotting Bridge Has Seen It's Last Days.

  • Thoroughly check out from top ,sides and bottom any bridging structures you may have as they may have rotted away and the damage not be visible just by riding over them and saying feels good .
  • It doesn’t need to be a large bridge in order to collapse and drag someone under or crush them in  between the spans .

Bumble Bees From Hell

  • Bumble Bees Love Hunt Camps , They drill nests for their larvae in all the framing but are a more dangerous threat as far as the wood shavings that fall out are a fire hazard because of there being so much .
  • If you have smokers at camp and they aren’t aware they may toss a still lit cigarette  butt into a pile of saw dust from the bees nest.
  • Bumble Bees aren’t dangerous at least not to me .
  • They fly in your face only because their curious and they make a lot of noise that frightens people but I have never been stung and am not even sure if they do sting or not.

There are Wasps under the decking.

You better arrive at camp and gradually check it out .
If you just run up and throw your bags down you may be having to make a run or it

Snakes Have Taken Over The Camp

Snakes will definitely move in the day you leave camp and if your gone long enough you’ll be a granddaddy to a hole bunch of cute little snakes by the time you get back.

Coyotes at Hunt Camp

  • Personally I like Coyotes and can’t understand the bad rap they get . So they eat a few deer ,big deal. It keeps the deer population moving and that keeps them healthy , It’s sort of like buying your deer population a gym membership except it’s free .
  • Who wants an old outdated ,slow, sluggish deer to shoot anyways . Let the coyotes eat him for dinner .
  • I like the call of the coyote packs late at night ,it lets you know your in the country instead of the middle of a city hunting deer.


Old Abandoned Hand Dug Wells .

A serious danger at camp for sure are old wells , Their always partially covered but still open enough to fall down and not be able to get back oout and their far more of a danger for kids as they fit better so if you have old wells on your property then mark them out with warning tape or fence them in and remember to check them out for use as a- “Water Supply At Camp”

Rotted Out Tree Stumps are Great Ankle Breakers

  • Most Deer camps seem to be tree farms in disguise but only because they are.
  • It’s  a great way for tree farmers to make residual income from their property while it sits there idle for decades at a time and as they harvest a new section they inevitably leave stumps that rot away unseen under the foliage and they leave good sized deep holes .
  • If your lucky you just get a twisted ankle and scruffed knee cap which your wife asks you about -“Honey why are your knee caps all worn out? What exactly do you and your life long friends do down there at camp?
  • If your not so lucky you land on a piece of non rotted wood that sticks up out of the center of the hole and since it’s the heart wood that is left from the tree it is as strong as steel and razor sharp , It’s like hunting in Vietnam and landing on a bamboo stake. 


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