Finding Your Way To Your Deer Stand In The Dark

Don't get lost in the dark while looking for your deer stand

  • There are a number of ways to insure that you don’t get lost on your way to your deer stand or blind and reasons to make sure that you get safely and quickly .
  • If you end up wandering around your property aimlessly searching in the dark you can end up being attacked by predators, falling down an old well, falling down a cliff or being shot at by another hunter who wrongly assumes you are  either a bear or prey or just shoots because they see what they want to see and their imagination gets away from them and they think you are a quarter of a mile away in your stand and so what they see is what their imagination conjurers up.
  • You need markers , lights, reflectors , a good flashlight and a well defined route to your stand and if you are placing a guest,relative or another camp member in an unfamiliar stand then make sure they know the way or know what signs to look for to insure that they make it there safely. 
trail markers

Light Your way In The Dark With Brightest Flashight You Can Imagine

  • Ultra bright CREE led,950 high lumens flashlight cree XML2-U2 led produces an intense beam of light up to 200 yards
  • Charge this flashlight directly with USB cable,the switch button is also charging indicator,18650 2000mAh rechargeable battery runs more 2 hours on high model .USB and battery are included
  • IP34 waterproof and smart design ,shock resistant and durable aluminum body ,anti-slip handle and metal clip attached .Its high permeable optical plexiglass increase brightness,the uneven surface increase the heat dissipation and the tail can be hung with a rope,it has a switch at the middle part ,which help you control the flashlight in different situations
  • Fully zoomable from wide to narrow beam .Five modes high-medium-low-strobe-SOS meet your needs for various surroundings.Long press on the button turn off the flashlight
  • This Mini flashlight is easy to carry ,the pocket compact flashlight can be carried anywhere,which can be used for camping ,hiking ,running,cycling ,repairing,indoor,outdoor etc.

SupFire Zoomable Flashlight, Tactical Flashlight 950 High Lumens Cree Led with Rechargeable 18650 Battery and USB Torch Flashlight 5 Modes for Camping Cycling Night Jogging

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