First Aid At Hunt Camp

Dealing With Injuries and Illness At Camp

The last thing need at camp is for a camp member ,family member or guest to get injured or get sick which can ruin a day or week that was meant to be a vacation off from work to go hunting .

suture bandaid

Be Properly Prepared For any Sickness or Injuries While at Camp

Be Prepared Before Going

  1. Do you even have an emergency First Aid kit at camp and if so are you the only one that knows where it’s at ?
  2. If So changes it’s location to a prominent area where it is visible and also within reach even for children as they may end up being the one to -” Run Get The First Aid Kit Billy! This is because all the parents will be busy trying to stop the bleeding or administering CPR
  3. Where’s the closest hospital ?
  4. You will most likely have to drive the injured party to the hospital because the distance for them to get to your camp may be far and take too long or cell service may not work at camp and you will have to make the drive to the hospital .
  5. Don’t lose time with everyone running around screaming ” Where is the Closest Hospital ?
  6. You should all know this far in advance of huntin season and may sure any new camp members know this also since they will probably be the one to accidentally shoot you in the back anyways,It’s always the New Guy!
  7. How many miles and how long will it take to get there?
  8. Maybe take the car that has Gas ?
  9. This is so that you don’t take a car that’s on empty and then stop at the gas station to get gas , then beer,then some chips and then have to use the restroom all the while poor Bubba is in the back seat with a bullet in his ass waiting on you idiots to get him to the hospital before he bleeds to death.
  10. Does camp have good cell service and will a 911 call go through ?
  11. Who at camp has medical training?
  12. Make sure everyone knows who to go to first in case of emergency so that their not running around from person to person asking stupid questions like . Do you know how to get an arrow out?- No , Ok Thanks ,I’ll go ask Steve? Ok- he’s in the crapper , I’ll wait , Thanks , Got a beer ?
  13. If they do have medical training , to what extent ?
  14. A nurse at an elderly home ?
  15. A veterinarian might be helpful but only if a deer got shot and now you want to save it because it’s Christmas and your kids are crying otherwise try to verify the Doctors Credentials.
  16. Can they dress a serious wound, Can they do CPR ?
  17. Save Yourselves a lot of heartache and be ready for any and all emergencies at your Hunting camp .

Hypothermia, A Camp Members Gone Cold And is Shivering Violently

During exposure to cold temperatures, most heat loss — up to 90% — escapes through your skin; the rest, you exhale from your lungs. Heat loss through the skin happens primarily through radiation and speeds up when skin is exposed to wind or moisture. If cold exposure is due to being immersed in cold water, heat loss can occur 25 times faster than it would if exposed to the same air temperature.

Here’s a link to a Thermal survival sleeping bag on Amazon that might be better than the Arcuras Survival blanket for sleeping at night .

I’m not sure why they didn’t put an image of a hot chick to curl up with and survive all night long instead of this guy . Maybe they’ll send you a blow up doll to go with this.

It’s only $8.95 so might be worth the embarrassment

  • This is an Arcturus Heavy Duty Survival Blanket . I own one and have used it a lot and it has held up really well .
  • It is still in great shape and is very durable . If someone is  freezing and you wrap them in this they will feel the heat build up within 1 minute.
  • I always have it folded up inside my tent in case it gets too cold and it works great .


How To Prevent Frostbite

  • Here are a few  simple ways of preventing frostbite in the first place.
  • For your feet just before you go out on a hunt make sure you have on a pair of nice dry warm snuggley socks and then put your feet into a one gallon zip lock bag of your choosing , I  would recommend a One Gallon Freezer Bag since it’s all about freezing but also because the plastic used is much thicker and will reduce the amount of moisture permeating into your socks which is what causes your feet to freeze more than any other cause .
  • If you can keep your feet dry you can keep them warm and if you can keep them warm you can keep them from freezing.
  • If you open a pair of old – “Supposedly Water Proof boots you will see a very this layer of plastic on the interior of the boot ‘ This is their incredible – Waterproof Boot sales pitch that barely makes it as an excuse for being boots at all because the plastic used is too damn thin to be of use at anything related to weather proofing because everything is permeable no matter what it is even spent uranium is permeable and has a half life but that doesn’t mean to go out and buy a pair of nuclear boots just to keep your feet warm but that doesn’t mean that it has not been done as proven in the case of 2 Russian hunters who found two objects in a trash dump in Siberia that were always warm so they decided to use these to stay warm while out hunting and placing them in-between their legs stuffed up in their crotch . This method only worked so long as their goodies swelled up to emence proportion and they soon after died from swollen nut syndrome due to intense Radiation sickness .


How To Deal With Frostbite

In the good old days they used to administer more cold in the way of rubbing handfuls of ice into a frostbitten area similar to the way they used to bleed a person who had been wounded and had lost a lot of blood – It makes you wonder ?


More coming soon ……

Snake Dun Got Bobby !

Bobby dun got bit by a snake – agin, That damn dumbass , I Dun told him to leave them thar critters alone .

Well , well, well , Bobby got his ass bit again ain’t that a big wonder.

  1. To the hospital ?
  2. Administer CPR ?
  3. Kick him in the head?
  4. Hang him upside down with his head in a cooler full of iced cold beer until his head stops swelling?
  5. A ground up bats tooth, 2 salamanders and a Hoot Owls feather pulled on a full moon ?
  6. Let’s ask Granny how she used to do it in the good old days ?

How are snake bites treated?


  1. Remove any jewelry or watches, as these could cut into the skin if swelling occurs.
  2. Keep the area of the bite below the level of the heart in order to slow the spread of venom through the bloodstream.
  3. Remain still and calm. …
  4. Cover the bite with a clean, loose-fitting, dry bandage.
  5. The main goal is to administer the correct antivenom as soon as possible. Knowing the size, color and shape of the snake can help determine the best treatment for a particular bite.


  • Do not pick up the snake or try to wrap it up or kill it, as this will only increase the chance of getting another bite. Even a dead snake is able to bite.
  • Take a Picture of Yourself being bitten from a safe distance so that poor Billy will not feel like the only dumb-ass at camp .
  • I mean take a picture of the snake from a safe distance so that doctors can identify what kind it is and remember if this is in the South not all snakes are called Rattlers .
  • Do not apply a tourniquet.
  • Do not cut across the site of the bite marks.
  • Do not try to suck out the venom. Your tongue will be poisoned and then swell up and when you need to talk to paramedics or 911 you will sound like you just got out of dentist office .
  • Do not apply ice.
  • Do not immerse the wounded area in water.
  • Do not drink alcohol., Not sure if this means you or Billy ? Personally if i just got bitten by a poisonous snake I might be tempted to get a little drunk but It must have something to do with adding more poison to an already poisoned situation .Dam’
  • Do not drink beverages with caffeine.

The Pain Of Shame Rears It's Ugly Head Once Again

  • I think we’re getting back to the shame game once again as I have always wondered exactly what percentage of people who are bitten by snakes are actually innocent of wrong doing ?
  • I have seen thousands of snakes of every type you can imagine , I have stepped over a Cottonmouth that was close to 6 feet long and  around 4 inches around .
  •  I have stepped over more than I remember while hiking and they just curl up so as not to get trampled underfoot , They must be used to cows, deer, etc.. walking over them .
  • I have had them land in a boat with me while rafting.
  •  I was in a swamp of cypress trees and each tree had a minimum of 3 to 5 snakes curled up in the trunk where the roots came out .
  • I was climbing down a cliff and turned towards cliff face to see a snake staring at me in the face  from only 5 inches away but it did not bite me . I just slowly made my way down as I backed away from him .
  • Southern swamps are loaded with snakes and I have stepped over quite a few while hiking swamps, mountains and rivers edges and I have only been bitten once and that was because I tried to catch one small copperhead .
  • I was lucky that it did not break the skin and after that I never tried to catch a snake again.
  • I was amazed at the speed at which it struck out at me and it bit my hand in between my thumb and index finger but did not puncture through.
  •  I had no intention of hurting it , i just wanted to play with it and learned a quick lesson and with that the knowledge that you really have to mess with a snake in order to get it to bite you . They want no more trouble than you are trying to find and if you are as stupid as I was then you deserve a snake bite or two.

Here’s link to story on what to do if you shoot yourself while bow hunting .

Great , Now I’ll never sleep tonight!

Nexcess Bandaid Tape For Serious Wounds

  • Nexcare Bandaid Tape is awesome for serious wounds , I always have several rolls available , One roll in my work van , one in my jeep and several in my different tool bags .
  • I accidentally grabbed my saw -Blade as it was running after having placed my saw on top of a work bench while it was still running , it rolled over and started falling off the bench and I grabbed at the handle but missed and the blade hit my left hand middle finger and tore the flesh off to the bone.
  • I grabbed a roll of  Nexcare and quickly put the finger back together and taped it as fast as I could .
  • It healed so well that I’m not sure if i am describing the correct finger as there is no scar .
  • I learned long ago to never -‘Clean ” a wound because you are doing the opposite – You are opening the wound to let more germs and dirt in .
  • You can do what you want though because it’s your weekend warrior wound and maybe you should just leave it and let it fester and become putrid for a while and then burn or Cauterize the wound -{burn the skin or flesh of (a wound) with a heated instrument or caustic substance, typically to stop bleeding or prevent the wound from becoming infected.}  so that you can have a great warrior story to tell to your grandchildren when you get old .
  • Do it like in the westerns where you take ammo and pry it open with your teeth and dump the gunpowder into the wound and then light it up and scream a bit . .
  • I had a guy at work fall on a piece of 5/8 inch rebar that went into his leg and I got out my trusty roll of Nexcare tape and pressed the meat back into his leg then taped it shut in a cross tape pattern .
  • He asked me if he should go get stitches and I said that was up to him because it was his leg but that he would just be wasting time and money as they would do the same or similar wound care that I had done with the same results .
  • I saw him about a month later and the wound was barely visible and had healed completely .
  • I have had the Nexcare band-aids stay on and in place for over a month on several occasions
  • They work great for split heels caused by wearing sandles for months on end.
  • For blisters their great and also to cover an area where you have a silver that won’t come out they are good because they soften the flesh and help to let the sliver come out on it’s own .

How To Cure Poison Ivy You Acquired While Climbing A Vine Covered Tree at Hunt Camp

Is There Actually A 'CURE" For Poison Ivy Or Poison Oak -YES"There Is !

Warning ,Never do this with children

I’m not sure if anyone has actually ever created a Cure for poison ivy or oak but that does not mean that there isn’t one and I know this because I have my own cure that I have used many times and it’s not a gimmick and you can do it almost anywhere and best of all it’s free. Unless you want to pay me and I’ll never refuse money .I should put a PayPal link here because after you use this method you’ll be guaranteed to send me some money because you’ll be forever grateful .

My Cure For Poison Ivy Or Poison Oak Is This Simple Process

  • My Cure is this, Let’s say you have poison ivy all the way up and down your arm and it’s heavily blistered to the point of ousing puss, yuk,- You get over to a large deep bottom kitchen sink and get the hot water running until it is virtually scalding.
  • You then test it to see what temperature you think you can stand and then make it hotter you wuss, once you decide your fate you then run your arm under the stream of near-boiling water repeatedly covering the entire affected area.
  • It is at this point that you will either pass out from the pain or get off on it like some freak into somesa·do·mas·o·chism –

{the derivation of sexual gratification from the infliction of physical pain or humiliation either on another person or on oneself — compare masochism, sadism.}

  • The pain from this is all inspiring as you will come very near to blacking out and are pushing the limit of what your outer layer of skin can take without suffering 1st, 2nd, or 3rd-degree burns,-epidermis is the outermost of the three layers that make up the skin, the inner layers being the dermis and hypodermis.
  • After this treatment you will quickly find that the area affected no longer itches, doesn’t burn and you can go on with your life for the next 2 to three days before needing a follow-up treatment at the sink of pain but not one nearly as severe as the first treatment.
  • You will henceforth suffer severe emotional stress when asked by your wife to do the dishes, try not to cry and instead scream out the window,-I’m a real man, I hunt stuff! I’m not afraid of anything!, as you whimper silently and your tears rinse your sorrows as well as dish soap away.

The Reason This Treatment For Poison Ivy Or Poison Oak Works So Quickly and So Well

  • The reason is because using the heated water has the same effect as scratching yet in a much more pronounced way speeding up a long slow painful process.
  • Scratching is a natural hereditary reaction to skin irritations that causes friction which causes heat which renders the poisons inert while at the same time causing the effected area to swell and evacuate some of the poisonous fluids out through the epidermis layer lessening the amount of toxins present .


My Second Cure For Poison Ivy Or Poison Oak

  • My second cure for poison oak or poison ivy is safe to use on children ,just don’t drown them in the process,
  • It’s easy fun and the children won’t have a problem with it and it is to just go swimming but for extended periods of time .
  • It’s a simple effective cure because all you are doing is softening the 3 upper layers of skin which allows the poisons to vacate the wounded tissue , First by being pressurized from the weight of water pressing on the wounded area and then the combination of that area having been softened by being in the water for a long period of time which will open the pores in the flesh and allow openings for the poisons to move out of the wounded tissue

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