Great Breakfast Ideas For Hunting Camp

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day especially if your hunting

The problem with getting agood meal for breakfast if anything at all before going off to hunt is the total lack of time need to prepare proper meal quickly and quietly without waking up the guests -{the deer you would like to cook up in a sausage roll for your breakfast} So you’re almost committed to having a pre-made breakfast of some sort and having it as a group effort to speed things up will help a lot and enable you to get out to your deer stand quicker . 

You don’t really need a full blown breakfast but just a quick meal to get you by till after the mornings hunt when you can get back to camp for a real breakfast .

One of the better suggestions is to have a bunch of pre-made breakfast burritos that you can heat up quickly in bulk form so that you can each grab a burrito ,stuff it into your pocket and head out to your hunting spot eating it on the way .

If it’s the dead of winter and freezing out your going to be far more comfortable having eaten a  good meal as it will help to keep your body temperature up and keep you awake which will help decrease the chance of having an accident from falling out of your stand , tripping over debris, stumbling around in a stupor from exhaustion due to lack of energy and also help prevent you from shooting another hunter that you thought was a deer because you were too tired to distinguish the difference between reality or hallucinations .




Have a warm camp breakfast waiting for you when you wake up

If you have power at your hunt camp you can preset this 24 hour automatic rice cooker and turn it into a burrito heater upper .

Jamb it full of breakfast burritos at night and set it to 30 minutes before you wake up and you’ll have a descent meal for camp .

If you don’t have power at camp it’s easy to change that by using solar panels ,some battery’s and a solar charge controller along with an inverter to get 110 volt ac power .

A 1000 watt inverter is enough to power a rice cooker combo burrito cooker and you’ll be living in luxury .

rice cooker

Make sure you use a 1000 watt or higher inverter for camp

You’ll want to get cheap and see a 300 watt inverter on sale then buy it only to find out it won’t power squat so make sure to get the highest wattage inverter you can afford at camp .

Use the Hunt Camp Funds account to pay for it and also the rest of your power system .



Power Up Your hunting Camp Using A Tesla DIY Power Wall

Great Breakfast Ideas For Hunting Camp 5
Great Breakfast Ideas For Hunting Camp 6

You can build your own power wall with a little knowledge and your camp is in a good spot to do so because it’s probably out in the boonies where you can find a Tesla battery on the cheap at the local junk yard .

A Tesla -s ‘series battery has 12 compartments –

Each compartment or cell has 440 individual 28650 battery’s in it -,

These 440 battery’s are equal to 43 to 45 car battery’s and weigh only 35 pounds ,-

This is far less than all the car battery’s combined weight which would sink your hunt camp into the ground if they were all piled up .

These individual compartments are now going for around $1,000 – $1,300 each so if you can find a Tesla at a boonies junk yard and pay anything less your doing pretty good on cost and if you don’t use all five you can sell some of them and use that savings to pay for solar panels , inverter, solar charge controller , wiring etc…

You'll Need An Electrician At Hunt Camp To Figure This One Out

Don’t open one of these unless your very sure as to what your doing so that you don’t get zapped and remember to match your charge controller to your panels output and make sure it is correct for charging your Teslas .

You’ll also need to keep these inside an insulated storage container so that they do not freeze because they are  Lithium Ion and if they freeze they will go bad but if you have enough solar wattage from your panels you can use the excess energy to heat these simply by putting a couple of lights in the utility building and letting the heat from them heat the battery’s.

You may end up finding one of the newer Tesla batteries and they have a copper radiator inside each battery that pumps heated antifreeze throughout the system to keep the batteries warm and it uses it’s own power to do so .

If I were to find a full battery of this model in good shape I would mount it in a vertical position inside the utility room to save space but also to keep the battery intact and reusable and also resalable. If hunt camp goes to crap you have some back up income from the sale of the battery and I think it is worth around $16,000 at this time . 

Another good thing about leaving the battery system intact is that you can recharge it from a generator if needed.

A fully charger Tesla will run air conditioners , fans , C PACS , etc for a very long time – Days ,even weeks or power .

If I’m correct a complete battery is equal to 688 car battery’s .



Premade Breakfast Burritos for Hunt Camp before you go out to your favorite hunting spot .

A premade breakfast burrito is a quick way to provide meals before going out to hunt at your favorite hunting spot.

You’ll need Tin foil to wrap your burrito  for overnight storage because your best option is to make these the night before .

I always use “10 “SOFT”-mission Tortillas . They stay together and are easier to chew .

Ingredients..For 5 Burritos

  • mushrooms
  • onions
  • spinach
  • potatoes
  • tomatoes
  • bacon
  • yellow American cheese
  • sour cream
  • hot sauce
  • spices
  • salt
  • olives- green or ripe

Cook your bacon separate or with potato chunks and onions till done if you like the mixed taste . I prefer to separately cook ingredients .

I then put mushrooms and tomatoes in a clean pan and layer spinach on top and cheese on top of spinach and cover cooking on low heat till almost done then add the eggs and stir to scramble while stove is at medium heat with pan being already hot.

Add olives now ..

Let it cook a few minutes before beginning to flip the eggs . Sliding the spatula under and sliding the eggs forward while rolling them over . Then wait a few minutes before repeating process

. Try not to chop or over scramble the mix as you will lose the taste of the individual ingredients especially the cheese. You do not want all the ingredients over mixed .

During scrambling i begin to add spices. The best scramble should show tablespoon sized chunks of cooked ingredients or a little larger .

If this is for a current breakfast then cook to suit but if for the pre-made breakfast burrito then cook it somewhat dry as it will be sitting over night and will reconstitute moisture and you will open your burrito to find an wet soggy unpleasant mess that will fall apart as will the tortilla .

You can  wrap it in a tin foil for overnight storage and in the morning reheat it much faster or eat cold on the run.. Remember the hot sauce ..



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