Great Deer Camp Recipes

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Deer Camps About Eating And Shooting And Shooting And Drinking And Eating ---

If your not going down to hunting camp to eat or drink then what are you going there for because it’s not all about hunting at hunt camp because that would be just plain out weird and you shouldn’t be allowed there in the first place , that’s why they have hunting licenses, they are to see if your a proper fit in the hunting environment or if you should just stay  at home with all the other weird ass  non hunter non outdoors people out there in the concrete hell holes that they build to isolate themselves from the Real Reality called the Great Out Doors

The Real Reality called the Great OutDoors

The real outdoors needs real food to make it better and that’s why you need to start learning how to cook a better meal but to do that you need to set up a really good diversified camp kitchen with a variety of cooking methods that can be used in concert with each other not only to cook each entry differently but also to allow you to time all the different items in the meal so that they are done at the same time , That way you can sit down with the rest of the camp members and enjoy your meal instead of jumping up every few minutes and getting another entree ready.

You'll Need A Variety Of Kitchen Wares

Try a mix and match of wares so that you can split up cooking responsibilities in the kitchen and also to make more room for each person cooking .

  • Pots, Big and Small
  • Pans, Big and Small
  • A Wok works well for large meals .


Separate your cook areas by changing cooking methods

Have a gas or charcoal grill close by and make usable for part of the meal so that some of the food is cooked in a different area to help ease the responsibilities off the main chef at camp .

Too many people in one area cooking by means of only one method leads to confusion , quarreling and arguing if only one person ends up being delegated to do all for everyone .

Have one person at least 10 feet away cutting all the vegetables need and making salads as needed and this is also to keep the kitchen utensils separate from those being used for cutting meats .

If you have ever had food poisoning then you will understand this one .

If you haven’t then you’ll probably be puking your guts out for 24 hours straight without a break .

Have one person at the stove boiling potatoes , frying onions etc .. because there’s only enough room for one anyways.

Always have at least 3 people grilling because it takes one to lift the lid off the grill and one to turn the meat and one to get more beer and add more charcoal.

Next persons job is to set up dinner wares and condiments at table and act as auxiliary backup as and where needed.

more coming.................

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