Great Meal Ideas For Your Hunting Camp

Meals At Hunting Camp Can Be Great If You Plan Ahead

The Makings Of Tasty Breakfasts, Lunches,and Dinners at camp

Cooking Over A Fire At Camp Using Cast Iron Dutch Ovens

Remember To Season your Cast Iron Dutch Oven Before Going To Hunt Camp.

I grew up using cast iron skillets, pots and dutch ovens and I don’t even remember if we had anything else to cook with which now makes me realize that I might be getting old . I used to protect my irons like they were gold because if you screwed up or let someone else screw up with your arsenal of cook ware then it was really hard to get them back into a good working order and they never seemed to cook a good meal as well ever again. I learned never to allow your iron to sit in water even for a short period of time and if you did it meant that you had to re-season it again immediately so if you had roommates who had no respect for your finest cookware it became a bad thing because they seemed to love to cook with it but did not seem to care to clean them properly if at all and you might come home and find your favorite skillet sitting on the countertop filled with rotting food and stagnant water with a easily recognizable burnished brown tint that signified the all too familiar cookware disease called ‘RUST . If I were lucky it may have only been there a short while but at times I would find it having been unceremoniously dumped into a putrid swamp of  dirty dishes where the poor thing could have died from the aforementioned rust disease.

Do's and Donts of Cast Iron Cooking

Do This ...

Season Your cast iron ware as soon as you buy it not months later after hunt season begins because you may open your box of new wares and have a big clump of rusted cookware fused together from having been sitting in the garage in humid conditions .

  • You’ll have to clean it first with soap to get off any residual machine oils but let this be the one and only time to use cleaning soap or detergent and make it a light cleaning with small amounts of soap and don’t do this again when cleaning up after breakfast , lunch or dinner unless you intend to re-season your ware again .
  • You need to gain a habit of not cleaning your set in the normal way used with other dishware which takes a bit of getting used to because you have been brainwashed into a modern dish-washing machine all your life and now you have to be re-indoctrinated into a pre-clean societal behavior by way of leaving a layer of food residue in the way of grease or animal fats on the skillet , This may sound gross to someone new to this cooking method but is no different than eating peanut butter which is full of fats or butter left in the fridge which is also fat at around 90 percent.

Don't Do This ....

Don’t do this…

Don’t leave standing water in your cast iron.

Don’t leave your cast iron in a sink full of water even for a short while.

Don’t leave your cast iron out in the weather.

Don’t overheat it as this will burn off the need oils that keep it seasoned



Cooking At Hunt Camp For Large Groups

Try this Technoroast to cook up 120 skewered deer Kebabs at a time

Coal grill with mechanism of 40 pieces, for automatic rotation of Arrosticini and skewers, even cooking…they twist themselves.

Kebabs are various cooked meat dishes, with their origins in Middle Eastern cuisine. Many variants are popular around the world.

In most English-speaking countries, a kebab is commonly the internationally-known shish kebab or shashlik, though outside of North America a kebab may be the ubiquitous fast-food doner kebab or its variants. By contrast, in Indian English and in the languages of the Middle East, other parts of Asia, and the Muslim world, a kebab is any of a wide variety of grilled meat dishes. Some dishes ultimately derived from Middle Eastern kebab may have different names in their local languages, such as the Chinese chuan.

Prepping Meals At Home To Take To Hunt Camp

It can be easier to have pre-planned meals set up and taken to hunt camp and then reheated

  • If you can prepare meals for hunt camp at home before going down then your going to free up more time for hunting and less aggravation in the long run.
  • Its’ always a good idea to take all your vegetables down in a prepared fashion and in the past the worry would have been that they just would not last that long and would begin to spoil before even making it to camp but these days with better cooling in the way or 5 day ice coolers like Yeti and Rtic coolers if used in conjunction with better airtight containers such as the Lock and Lock products you can expect to take home fresh food after your hunt camp visit instead of throwing your food away .


The Best Method For Keeping Your Food Secure And Fresh At Hunting Camp

You need to keep your food safe from varmints and fresh for days if not weeks of camping

  • This is a Lock and Lock brand egg container that works great. I bought one and used it every day for 13 years and it is still in great shape .
  • After buying one for my brother for his birthday all his friends bought them also because they work so well .
  • To make it easy buy one half dozen or anther eggs and just flip the container over into the lock and lock , Otherwise you’ll be picking each egg out of your one egg container and dropping one or two on the floor  before getting them all into the Lock and lock container .
  • These really work well as you can drop the whole container on the ground without breaking a single egg and it makes storage in your cooler easy and safe without worrying over breaking eggs and losing out on a hunt camp breakfast.
  • Lock and lock have a large selection of containers that are all heavy duty and last a very long time through heavy usage . You can buy all the junk you want at Wallmart but even the top brands copied lock and locks product line but in a cheap spin offs type way .
  • PATENTED LOCKING SYSTEM: Lock & Lock containers are guaranteed leak-proof (airtight and watertight) with our patented four-hinge locking system and silicone sealing lid. This assures food to stay fresh longer and keeps contents in containers secure.
  • BPA FREE & FDA APPROVED: Made from BPA free material that ensures containers to be safe and eco-friendly. Passed strict hygiene and safety tests of the US FDA and German SGS.
  • CONVENIENT TO USE: Can be used in the microwave, freezer and dishwasher (top rack only). Whether it is storing leftovers or packing lunch, Lock & Lock are convenient to use around the kitchen or for any other household needs. Wide variety of unique, stackable designs allows you to save space in your cabinets, refrigerator, and freezer.
  • LONG-LASTING: Our containers are made from high quality materials that makes them long-lasting, strong and durable. Cultivate a healthy lifestyle and save space, food and money by investing in some Lock & Lock containers!

Chicken Pot Pie and I don't Care

Here's a great meal to take to camp because It will stay hot till you get there.

This chicken pot pie is a step away from the traditional pot pie, as it uses puff pastry, rotisserie chicken, California blended vegetables, a sauce reminiscent of a Mornay sauce, and a seasoning called Hidden Cove lemon-garlic blend.

This recipe is found at All-recipes site and they have a large selection of different recipes that are good for meals prepared at home and taken to camp or made from scratch at camp

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