How Do I Teach My Kids Archery ?

Should I Teach My Kids Archery Or Get an Expert

Read This story and then you decide which also means your wife will decide if she reads it too .

  • I was working for a homeowner whom I have known a long time through many projects done for him on various homes of his and also his businesses , restaurant renovations, office renovations, etc..
  • I consider myself as an expert in archery , Not that I am bragging but only because I am simply because of my skill level and knowledge of archery.
  • An example of my level of skill is this ,I was out hiking at UGA in Athens Georgia a long time ago and was coming across track and field area where the college archery team was practicing for an upcoming event against another colleges archery team . There were only a couple of members there and I stopped to watch for a while and cool down from a long hike .  We struck up a conversation and after a while they asked me if I wanted to shoot . 
  • I responded No’ and they said , Go ahead it’s no problem, Wherein I said I would rather not as I would destroy their arrows
  • They asked what I meant and I said not by accident but just by default I would destroy them by shooting the target and that I would end up embedding one arrow into the shaft of the preceding arrow and so on and so on.
  • They did not believe me and so they gave me the bow and a quiver of arrows .
  • I took my first shot and dead on Bullseye.
  • I then set up and took second shot which of course went straight down shaft of first arrow .
  • They kind of stood there shocked and dismayed because they were the up and coming experts who were training for this all their lives and Mommy and Daddy had doled out the ‘Mega Bucks” the little green ones made of paper ‘-and here comes this guy out of the woods and they are now like who the hell is this guy ?
  • I take another shot and of course,it drives straight up the center of the two arrows still there .
  • They then wake up out of their stupefied stupor and quickly begin to take over the rapidly deteriorating situation , Proclaiming ‘ Your destroying all our arrows !
  • Sorry’ I proclaim with much brevity as I went back hiking .

Leave The Arrow In To Help Stop The Bleeding And Call 911

  • Now back to the story of homeowner, One day he asks if I know where he can get bow and arrow set up for his 2 sons?
  • I said yes, they have them at Sports Authority on sale , He said cool , I responded ” Do you want me to teach them how to shoot ? He said no I’ll teach them and walked away seemingly offended that I had asked such a silly question .
  • I went back to work without thinking too much else about it .
  • Around 3 weeks later I am working on his neighbors house rebuilding a deck in the back yard after already having spent 2 weeks rebuilding deck in the front of the house . I would occasionally hear a thud noise but did not think anything about it .
  • This day I was out back working on the deck in rear of house and occasionally hearing the same thud noise again from time to time and about midday was approaching fence because homeowner had asked about rebuilding it and I thought i would take a closer look at it and also I was drawn  towards it because of the strange thud noise.
  • I got to the fence and began examining it when i heard the all to familiar
    thud “and looked over into their backyard and just gasped as one of the sons let loose an arrow into a target about forty feet away in back of yard but what was so shocking was that the rest of the family was just standing there lined up like plastic ducks at a carnival shooting gallery no more that 5 feet to the left of the target as he had been lobbing arrow after arrow into target all the while they being totally oblivious to any danger whatsoever .This had apparently been going on for the previous 3 weeks of in-depth professional training .
  • I caught my breath and and jumping like a crazed Ninja in the air so that they might see me. I started yelling at the top of my lugs” Remember To Call 911 And To ‘LEAVE THE ARROW IN”TO HELP STOP THE BLEEDING” !
  • They just kind of looked my way dumbfounded as if to say ” Whats he want”?
  • I went back to work fully expecting to soon hear screaming and sirens and crying and grieving and wailing and me muttering ” Dumb-asses” while pretending to be totally shocked and dismayed that this could have happened because for someone to be accidentally shot while standing just a few feet to the left of a target is so unheard of , It is preposterous ,implausible and incomprehensible and unbelievable all rolled up into one big gasp of deniability.
  • I have never heard of anyone being shot while standing directly in front of a target. Have You? Why hell No ” They call these fantasmable events ” ACCIDENTS”
  • The mathematical improbability’s  are staggering , almost at a guaranteed 99.9999999 percent – YES” your going to get your damn ass shot if your standing in front of the damn target you twit” 

Now I The Bid Question - Has Your Wife Read This Or Are You Going To Read this at Your Childs Funeral In Front Of Her And All the Other Mourners?

The reason I making this statement is that no one should ever be in front of the archer on any side left or right but especially the pull side ,

  • There are right handed bows and there are left handed bows for left handed archers and right handed archers.On the Pull side or open side of bow that holds the arrow it is not only possible for there to be a miss shot but it happens all the time ,_ { A miss shot is when a arrow releases from the bow prematurely or due to equipment failure or operator negligence }
  • I have seen an arrow fire directly back at near 170 degrees almost shooting the shooter as though he were the game being hunted .

Have you watched the movie Deliverance in the scene where John Voight ? is on the cliff edge and he pulls back his arrow to shoot the toothless redneck and starts shaking like a leaf out of fear . He has nearly done a backshot .This is how people get self shot using a bow . In the scene he is shaking so bad that he almost lets go of the arrow completely which would have let the arrow flip around as much as 180 degrees and then the force of the bow pulling froward would have embedded the arrow into his side .

  • It seems impossible if you look at it ,it is hard to understand how it can happen but it can and does happen . The arrow is in bow , bow is pulled taunt and at full pull , The shooter accidentally unleashes the arrow which cause’s him to also lose control of bow at same time causing bow to spring forward and pushing the arrow with forward  thrust. The problem is that by this time in occurring accident the arrow is already pointing backwards at the aforeward mentioned shooter who then gets shot .

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