How To Smoke Meat At Hunt Camp

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How To Smoke Turkey Meat At Hunting Camp

There are a number of great ways to smoke Turkey Meat right there at hunting camp and here are a few ideas to get you smoking

It’s pretty obvious that it would be very difficult to smoke meat at camp using electricity since this means that you will have to be tied to the grid in order to run an outdoor electric smoker or burn up your favorite generator or another camp members generator which could lead to in-camp fighting if you try to challenge a demand to replace the burnt turkey and burnt generator as well , the Turkey having been burnt while you were wrongfully fighting over whether or not running a generator out of oil for 8 hours was your fault or not – which it would be whether you think so or not because smoking meat at camp is not worth burning up a good generator and does not prioritize the use of a generator for that use plus the turkey probably would not taste to good by then having been saturated in a oil residue with a burnt wire spiced seasoning blue green fluorescent glow in the dark patina .

Now if you have a 12 panel solar array to power up a Tesla power wall and can draw enough current to run a smoker all day then that’s another story as it would probably work but by that time you might as well be at home watching football and drinking beer and smoking you Turkey at home because hunting’s for hunters not Glamper’s -{ Glamor Campers }.


This meat smoker is built on the ground but you should build yours up in the air about 10 feet at least to keep predators and scavengers out

Your Going To Need A Few Things To Get Started at Building a Meat Smoker At Camp

This is unless you plan on bringing a portable smoker down to the camp with you. If not you need to prepare a means of doing this and a few other things to put on a list.

  • Is your smoker going to be permanent year-round heavy-duty built-in place bombproof as well as bear-proof smoker?
  • Is it going to be portable but just around camp. If so plan the construction of it to have skids but make them extra large so that it will not blow over in the wind or fall over as you drag it to a new location?
  • Beware of the type of wood you use, don’t use pressure-treated other than the bottom structure of smoker.
  • Choose the wood needed for the smoker to ensure it does not ignite. A hardwood, not a poplar, or any softwoods as they may ignite if any embers get inside.
  • Hickory would be good but not from an 18 wheeler as you do not know if they were transporting the nuclear waste or not but this would make you easy to find in the dark if you happen to get lost.
  • Building the smoker on the ground is not a good idea as you will come back the next hunting season to find that a bear has torn it to bits and taken a really big dump inside and bear crap’s not on any list I know of as being a good meat smoker seasoning but you never know it might taste great, nice and earthy like essence and if you take it to a barbecue contest you just might win a new smoker.
  • Check back for more……

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