Hunt Your Prey Where They’re Already Spooked

Hunt Them While Their Already Running For Their Lives

  • This method of hunting big game is excellent but you better be a great shot and quick about it.
  • It also employs a foe and an adversary in the use of other predators to help you hunt your prey.
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Hunt Like They Hunt

  • Bear , Wolves and Coyotes know how to hunt better than you do so why not copy their tactics .
  • They love to hunt their prey in sharp valley bottoms with steep slopes surrounding them and the reason is because elk or deer will run their trails down to the valley bottom in an absolute panic totally overwhelmed with terror which makes them easy prey.

There are several reasons for this"PREY"behavior

  • In an area like this the prey are already totally spooked before they make their descent into the harrowing depths below , terrified for life and limb as they know they are {about to die”}, yet they have to continue on as this is what we humans refer to as a Wild-Life Corridor and they refer to as a Wild-Death Corridor.

Running The Gauntlet Of Death

The Reasons they are about to die -

  • They are traveling as fast as a herd with a herd mentality can go so they follow their Fearfull leader into the Frey.
  • They have their heads down naturally as they have no choice in this matter and can not look upwards without much difficulty and they don’t have access to chiropractors like we do.
  • They already know that their is a killer waiting for them in the bottom of the Valley Of Death as they have done this same game trail dozens if not hundreds of times.
  • They need momentum to keep up their speed as they have no intention of staying in the VOD for any length of time as it is a death trap,They do not feed here or stay here , they just die here.
  • The Momentum needed is to propel them up the game trail on the other side of the VOD as quickly as possible and its up to their Fearfull leader to get them there which is why you need to target him first in order to scatter the tribe.
  • If you can shoot him first the other deer or elk will panic and run Helter Skelter tither and fro in a confused mealy with no concise path to take in their escape and you now will have multiple targets.
  • Have several hunters ready in this area so that you can acheive a cross fire but be aware that in the excitement you may be shooting each other .
  • You’ll want to read my Ridge Hunting Page for more tips on this style of hunt .

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