Hunting In The Middle Of your City

The Urban Hunter in Downtown

  • Why drive all the way out to hunt camp in a huge rush every time you want to go hunting when you can just hunt in town close to home.
  • Of course this is only for emergency hunting purposes only and not recommended as a replacement for actual real time Country hunting excursion but can make for a quick decision quick fix need to go hunting or go nuts deal , [ Hunting is Like a Drug]

You don't have to drive all the way out yonder to go hunting when you can go in your own back yard

  • The question is where you can go hunting in an urban environment with so many people around and so much activity .
  • As the suburbs have grown they have encapsulated more and more pockets or microcosms of  undeveloped land that manages to hang in and not only do well but does manage to harbor an increasingly larger and older deer population . 
  • It is this growing population of deer , elk and other wildlife that has increasingly attracted more predatory species such as Coyote into the urban environment in search of prey .

Is That A Hunter Up There?

  • There’s nothing like the sight of a hunter perched in his deer stand hovering over I-85 in Atlanta, Georgia on your way back home from work to get you in the mood to go shoot something .Hopefully not commuters.
  • It’s hard to imagine hunting in a downtown area but there are plenty of options on how and where to hunt in urban settings
  • My Nephew is in the police dept of an unmentioned county that I can’t mention because I’m not sure if he’s allowed to hunt property that he’s on duty to protect .
  • This is how we acquired a urban setting to hunt from after he simply asked the owners of one of his condo property’s that he patrols if he could hunt the adjacent property that was left fallow due to flooding and was full of deer and not just deer but large deer .
  • To date they have taken out several 8 poit and above from this one property .
  • It’s somewhat surreal to be out in this area wearing Camos and bow hunting while walking down the side of a 5 lane highway in a major metropolis .
  • One of my Sub-Nephews has his stand directly above the highway because it’s a good spot , How he can handle all the noise is beyond me but if he likes it that’s ok . He was in Iraq and i think he’s just used to really loud roaring noises .

How To find Hunting Land In A urban Environment

First you need to search for probable spots , Here's a to do list to get you going .

  1. Check out Google maps for Major power lines because game follow these into major populated areas and you need to find a hunt location as close to these as possible .
  2. Look for rivers and streams that cross the power lines as game will follow these streams and rivers up from the power lines but seem to use the power lines as their main wildlife corridor .
  3. Now you need to research these areas for old forgotten property’s especially along waterways and near and in-between old industrial areas .
  4. Find that old industrial park that never actually made it and there are a few scattered buildings throughout the park .
  5. Even if they are occupied and operating any deer or other wildlife will have grown accustomed to all the noise long ago.
  6. Find a friend in the police department and see if he knows of or patrols an area . If he is on patrol in theses places on a daily basis he will have first hand knowledge of not only the deer population but also of the owners or managers of the property and will be able to get in contact with them himself or hopefully get you in contact with them so that you can try to get permission to hunt the property.
  7. Make sure you get this permission in writing along with owners name , phone number etc.,
  8. Tell the owner that you witnessed a gang of 5 deer attack a group of innocent nuns who were on their way to the Nunnery and that you are on a religious caliphate to protect these poor little nuns from these obviously dangerous deer by way of blowing their heads off and that he also needs to consider the fact that you are trying to protect him from any legal liabilities due to any nuns or other innocent bystanders being injured or killed by this gang of rouge deer because you are not only an urban hunter you are also a concerned citizen .

The Fireman Hunter

  1. A Fireman is also a good prospect in trying to find urban hunt areas as the police because he works in the same type of commercial settings on a daily basis.
  2. They typically have to go into these property’s on a regular schedule to do fire inspections and have first hand knowledge of the property as a whole and even more so in the fact that they will typically have to go up on the roof tops of these buildings to inspect them so they get more of a birds eye view of the surrounding area which may include streams rivers fields and swamps .
  3. Ask them to take pictures from the roof top so that you can compare them to mapping so that you don’t miss out on any good prospects .
  4. It may turn out that one property connects to another and then another which is how the wildlife corridors came into being in the first place .

Central Park New York Hunt Club?

  1. Why not ?
  2. Central Parks just as good as any other city park for hunting . It does make me wonder if there is any possibility of there being any deer in or around the park and if so could permission be had for a hunt in or near the park .
  3. I used Google Maps to take a look at the park and i think it’s plausible that there could be deer in or around the park because there is a stream running out of it and on down to the Hudson River and there are green spaces leading along the rivers edge in both directions and then there’s green belt leading all the way to Connecticut from there.
  4. I’ll have to give the chances of a deer population in Central Park as being pretty good .

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