Ideas On How to Secure Your Hunt Camp From Intruders.

Intruder Alert ! The gates been left open and they're getting In. Now what ?

  • The reason for this post is camp security should not be taken too lightly .
  • You have a camp full of crazed hunters foaming at the mouth like diseased Zombies sniffing for blood and rational thinking would suggest that no one in their right mind would even remotely think of trying to invade their hunt camp as they would surely be eaten alive.
  • These guys have been holed up in some city having to reek out a living in a rat race called their life and they’re pissed and need to kill something and now they have that right , They have what is called “A Hunting License” ” A primeval substitute for what might be deemed as ” Manhood” For a few weeks every year the government allows categorized, known and fully documented killers to roam free in every small town in America with a latent excuse that they are “HUNTING” Legally ” with a License” and they want blood, any blood . If it moves -shoot it Son! We’ll see what it is later.
  • You would not think that anyone would ever intrude into their little kingdom called a hunt club that they own or lease with every last penny they could muster up or borrow from their wives but this is how it’s down and honey knows best that her hubby is seething for a way out of his daily doldrum and on to The Great Outdoors at all costs .
  • There are deer out there he knows for sure as he saw them in his sleep just last night and it’s not even Christmas yet but Bambi’s gonna get his head blown off if he sees him anywhere and that includes the roof top anywhere near the chimney . The kids will just have to deal with it . 


Secure Boundary's Around Camp perimeter

  • We had a new hunt camp member who just could not manage to lock the south gate to camp . I constantly complained – He left the gate open again”
  • My brother the head honcho camp director would get on him about it but then he would just do it again and again.
  • I tried to stress how important it was to keep gates closed and so did honcho but it seemed to be a waste of time .
  • All this became even more important the last time I saw him ,{ I think he either found another camp or could not pay next year camp membership dues }
  • There were about 6 crazed hunters in total at camp and every one was leaving that final day except me. The camp cleared out after dark and and it was just me at camp .
  • I made a really bad mistake that taught me a lesson to remember , Camps pretty far out in the middle of nowhere which can be nice but also dangerous as if you get injured you need to get to hospital yourself .
  • I slept in my brothers camper fine and woke up in the morning and immediately got online and here’s breaking news report of 2 escaped murderers who committed another murder in escape attempt and they did so just 13 miles down the road .
  • I got up quick and went out to car and got my gun and decided to keep it close by all day then walked over to look around checking to see if things were OK and looked down  camp road to front gate only to see that it was wide open . It was like a Holy Shit” You dumb )*&%#$%.. cursing of-You Know Who ‘as he had been last one to leave .
  • I thought it would have been nice of him to have at least put a huge sign at gate saying ” Murderers- Turn Here “-Seek Shelter “
  •  I really think that if escapees had driven by and seen the gate open there is no question that they would have driven in and killed my ass. 

The Neighbor

  • Another security threat is the neighbor . We had a guy from across the street from another camp who just drove his ATV through the woods and into our camp one day to introduce himself when he should have walked in from the front gate.
  • One of my concerns with this was that he had now opened up an accessible trail that was very visible from the main road and seemed to welcome anyone in if they felt like entering and there would be no stopping them as there was no barbed wire or fence anywhere other that briars and vegetation which he had plowed down .

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