I’m going into stealth mode now

How To Know When To Go Deep Stealth Hunter.

I always hear these stories of certain hunters who have not only never shot a deer but have rarely if ever even seen a deer and I have to wonder what exactly they are doing wrong.

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I really think it has a lot to do with a hunter being fidgety ” restless or uneasy up in their deer stand . They’re so concerned with any possibility of seeing a deer to shoot at that they are constantly scanning the horizon in search of that all elusive prey not realizing that at the same time their actions are the cause of them scaring away the prey but in an indirect form which brings us back to the deep stealth mode aspect to hunting .

Times When The Deer Come Out

I’ve found that there are certain times when the deer come out to forage and other times when they don’t move at all and at other times they will come out but stay put in one spot foraging without moving away from that area and the trick is to be a step ahead of their time schedule and predetermine what they will be doing next in order to be more prepared to get a shot.

There are a combination of cause and effects that would be great to build into a hunting app that would alert a hunter via phone haptic buzzer going off in a set series of decipherable buzzes that the hunter can adjust to suit him but to have this app connected via Bluetooth to a weather station set up in the deer stand with him and having the app collect all the data necessary to achieve a successful hunt. In other words, a better brain than the hunter himself has at the moment or possibly a has ever had to begin with.

This AI weather brain would collect and decipher

  • Wind speed
  • Direction of wind
  • Relative Humidity

It would also need to collect decibel readings of birds, squirrels, woodpeckers,flocks of birds ,hawks etc and then decipher what each call that these animals are making and their meaning, the most important one being a squirrels warning call and secondary being hawks warning call as I have found these two to be the most important to listen too when trying to go stealth

The Fidgety Hunter Syndrome

What all this is leading to is what I see as being a hunters inability to “stay put for a while” stop moving any and at all,- don-t look around, don’t readjust your arse in the seat -just let it go numb and then you won’t feel the pain anymore.

There is a point at which you can move without disrupting the animals and that is to wait until some noise far off in a distant area alerts them and they go quiet because of that noise. They and the deer will be listening to that noise to determine if it is a danger to them and they will go quiet for a few minutes but will slowly begin their chatter again and just after they get loud you can sometimes move or readjust you seating without them noticing

The reason for this is that you’re scaring away the animals but it’s not the deer being scared away but the squirrels, woodpeckers, birds being scared by all your movement and you probably don’t even notice because you are only concerned with seeing a deer but don’t realize that the deer knows when there’s danger about because it uses the sounds of squirrels, woodpeckers, birds more than anything else to determine if it’s safe for him to move.

Yes, you may be taking a chance of some imaginary 42 points world-class buck walking by your shooting gallery but that’s’ all in your imagination anyways and highly improbable.

The problem with all this noise from your auxiliary prey { You shoot them after you don’t get a deer} is that you end up even more fidgety because of all the activity taking place in the immediate area and then you make that slight move to look off to the left or right because you are positive that there is a deer just standing there with a big sign that says – {Shoot Me Please!} and suddenly all goes quiet. Yep! You’ve just ruined another hunt and it’s the last day of hunt season.

It's The Last Day Of Hunting Season and You Haven't Seen Anything Yet

It’s was the last day of the hunting season in south Georgia and I was at hunting camp with my brother Matt but the weather had been bad for the preceding days and neither of us had seen anything , not that there weren’t any deer but because the weather had been so bad that they just weren’t coming out. We both came back to main camp around 11:00 am and Matt wanted to go home out of frustration at not even seeing any deer but I convinced him to stay as I was watching the weather and could tell that it was going to clear up soon and knew that after several days of being bedded down the deer would soon be out because they were by now very hungry and would let down there guard and would now be easy prey .

He still wanted to leave but I pressed him to stay saying things like it’s the last day of the season and you won’t get another chance . The weathers going to really nice the rest of the day ,Lets pack up now and then leaving will be easier after we hunt . 


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