Learn To Hunt To Survive The Apocalypse

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Learn To Hunt So That You Can Survive In Hard Times

You may not like hunting , You may not want to hunt , But you need to learn how to hunt ,trap,fish and forage so that you will at least have a chance to survive if SHTF.

There are no guarantees in life other than being bullshitted by the government currently in control of your poor miserable , meaningless life and if you let them lie to you for too long you may make the mistake of actually believing them and they are the Devil itself incarnate on earth here to wreak havoc amoungst men both great and small.



Stinging Nettle — The Most Nutritious Plant On Earth?

Stinging Nettle (Urtica dioica) is plant whose edible, medicinal, and utilitarian benefits typically surpass those of other wild species. In this video, we discuss all things stinging nettle — including proper identification, look-alikes, medicinal properties, and more!

Eat The Weeds

One of the easiest wild mushrooms to identify in North America, the Ringless Honey Mushroom is a prolific late-summer and fall mushroom. You can read about it and over 1,000 edible wild plants and mushrooms at EatTheWeeds.com

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