Make Money Writing Articles About Hunting For This Site

Are you interested in hunting and have great stories to tell but nowhere to tell them? You can do so here and make money for your posts .

You don’t have to be a great writer to be a great writer and this site is the place to do it.

To make money here I will set you up as an author with your own blog -post look feel for your content. If you have a style or template you like and want to incorporate that into the site that is no problem.

There a a few requirements –


The Number One Is “{No Copying}” of already posted material or articles on google . Also “{No similar Articles} .

This also goes in the opposite direction concerning posting. Any article you write for Hunt Camp Ideas Must Stay In Hunt Camp Ideas.

The reason for this is because if you were to repost your article on another site it may look fine for a while and the site owners were you re-post article will be happy at first but at some point, Google will once again rear its ugly head and Non- Index- No Follow article at new site and possibly at this site also.


Because of recent Algorithm changes in Goggle Search, anything even remotely similar in content to a pre-existing article is tagged – No Follow – No Index -by Google and effectively becomes invisible – disappears from the internet but not only this. Google now recognizes patterns in a site using copyrighted, similar, or rewritten material and will ban the entire site so please make all content totally original which is why It is almost better to have a Non-writer as a writer for articles as they have not been corrupted by too much reading Google articles on hunting so are less likely to post content other than totally original content. 

  • A limit of between 3 to 5 images per page , these can be affiliate links to Amazon, Or Ambassador links to products you already have etc..
  • You can put Youtube videos of your own making or through embed codes .
  • Please keep this to 1 video per page .
  • No racism
  • No Profanity ?
  • No Politics
  • No Pornography

Reasons To Contribute To Hunt Camp Site ..

  • We’re a growing site that is new and you will grow with site.
  • If you try to get hired on by an old established site you have to start at the bottom, There’s no problem with that here as we’re already at the bottom and you’ll be effectively starting at the Top – The Top of the bottom that is , as in-“King Of The Frog Pond”.

Why Write For Hunt Camp Ideas ?

You will be listed on a a "Writers Page" with our other Contributors which will link to your own personal page and you will then be able to grow your online presence as a outdoors articles writer

How Will I Make Money ?

Through a Combination Of your articles generating income through your affiliate links and share based pay as site grows through the overall monetization of site .

No Resume Needed for you to become a writer for Hunt Camp Ideas site because I believe that anyone can write better than our first writer who happens to be me and he needs to be fired as soon as possible to make way for real writers with real stories .