Safety First and Red Is Dead

Be Safe- Don't Be Dead and Remember -"Red Is Dead"

Be aware of your firearm and its specific safety mechanism. In most cases, RED MEANS DEAD! If you see a red color dot, your safety is off and your firearm is ready to fire. Located either on the bolt or just behind the bolt handle on the frame of the receiver, a lever safety blocks the firing pin when engaged.

Red has always been designated as meaning Dead because it is the color of blood so has it's representation as a danger signal. A stop sign is red , fire is red, a stop light is red

  • Also be aware that this is not always the case . You may borrow a rifle from a friend who for some strange reason has decided to color the safety lock with the off or locked position being colored red and then guess what ? 
  • Your Dead”, so make sure to double check your safety settings and trust no one except your self .
  •  What if you  buy an old rifle from a pawn shop and it turns out to have been made in a foreign country like Great Briton 
  • They drive on the wrong side of the road don’t they ? Well whats to stop them from painting the safety lock position a green color ?
  • If you buy, borrow or steal a new gun for Christmas make sure to first check the safety before you go hunting deer or robbing your first bank to get Christmas presents for the Fam”.

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