The Purple Law Is “The Law” !

Purple Paint Law To Prevent Property Trespassing

Have you ever seen Purple lines painted on trees either in a horizontal or vertical configuration , What this purple marking means is that the property behind the marking is posted as a – No Trespassing – No Hunting”- on this property signage. These purple markings are placed at a Maximum of 100 feet distance apart and you will usually see them at a corner or intersection of 2 property’s and are meant to be readily visible to anyone approaching the property boundary line .

The Purple Law Is "The Law" ! 2

The Reason For The Purple Paint No Trespassing Law Is Simple

The Reason For The Purple Paint No Trespassing Law Is Simple” You can’t shoot a purple stripe that signifies No Trespassing off of a tree the way you can shoot a small steel sign and a purple signage showing that the property is off limits will stay on the tree for many more years than a plastic or steel posted sign will and it will also save lumber company’s money by reducing damage incurred due to their saw blades cutting through the nails used to attach posted signs to trees . Even if a timber company searches for nails in the trees they are about to cut they will never find them all and if the timber is then sent to the saw mill it will cause further damage to equipment there. 

Signage Nailed To Trees Also Causes Diseases

The signage nailed to the trees also causes diseases to the trees and a lot of times these trees are along a right of way and will eventually fall into roadways due to the tree being weakened by the disease.This is another reason for the purple law being put into effect.

There are also trespassing laws that are called the Orange Paint Law with some states requiring Orange Paint As Trespassing signage in place of Purple Paint as Trespassing Signage

purple law tree

State By State Guide to No Trespassing Laws & Signage

Here’s a link to a fairly comprehensive listing of state laws on trespassing and the use of the Purple Paint Law or in some cases the Orange Paint Law as no trespassing signage

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