Turn Your Hunt Camp Into A Wildlife Corridor

Wildlife Need The Right To Access Your Hunting Property

Wildlife corridors to bring game into your huntin camp

You can greatly increase the quantity and type of wildlife entering your hunting camp by making a few subtle changes to topography and also increase the amount of foraging acreage in your camp by making a few easy to do changes here and there throughout your camp . One excellent way is if you have a typical layout that includes a long straight road running down the middle of your camp this is causing a corridor blockage because wildlife are afraid to cross a straight lined opening because they get shot at by snipers . Find a spot or two on this straight away where one side has a dead tree but if cleared away will offer a spot for vehicles to drive through and clear the tree as well as any residual debris and put this pile on the other side of the road causing traffic to be redirected around the debris pile into the new opening and then back to a straight line of site roadway . This is to put a break in the straight line of sight that the road has created because this will create a wildlife corridor where game will feel more secure in crossing the road because they will not be able to see further down the road due to the new sight blockage . Choosing a good spot is critical. so pick a spot like the upper or lower end of a swamp or lake or pond so that as deer , bear etc,, come out of the swamp they can easily and safely cross the roadway . A very good location is having the road curve where an overhanging trees branches hand down above the road . If you’ve been cutting away at some tree branches for years change your behavior  to suit the wildlife and instead beging to drive further around the low hanging branches . The reason for this is that the deer will come out of the swamp and up to the road and under where the branches are then stop to see if it is safe to cross before continuing on . Another good location is where a gully or ravine crosses the road . Take this spot and add more debris to both sides of ravine and both sides of road where ravine crosses but leave an open trail for them to cross . Another good one is where a tree line running along an open field at the point where it crosses a road , This is always a good game trail by default that’s crossing the road and you can add dead foliage along trail side that borders the field but do the same across on the other side of the road . They will use this anyways but the trick is to make it more accessible and make them feel safer in using the crossing especially if it will bring in wildlife from your neighbors hunting camp . If you have a bush hog or use of one then another good idea is to cut a trail out of a swampy lowlands area that is filled with briars but make the trail follow a stream or keep it in the bottom lands weaving it in and out until you find another good trail to connect to .

Don't Cut Any Straight Line Game Trails


Don’t cut any straight line trails and keep it in the thickest , tallest brush possible and cut some small run out trails into areas that have fallen trees ,thicker cover, better forage etc..

Keep the trail as thin as possible because it only needs to be the width of a deer so 2 feet at the most , If you have no choice but to cut it wide then try to back fill it in with the cuttings. 

Look at the proposed area first and make a plan instead of cutting away randomly . If you have a deer stand in a same tree every hunting season then try to reroute the trail to make it come with in site at some point along the trail such as after it comes over a hill the deer suddenly comes into view or at a point where it comes out of a ravine have the trail hit a spot where you can get a good shot from your stand but only for a moment . If you try and make the trail where it is totally visible at all times then you will also be visible at all times .

Has A Tornado Or High Winds Downed Any Trees

If you’ve had any trees toppled due to storms then these are great spots for wildlife to bed down and they need to be incorporated into your wildlife corridor and remember to connect them into your deer trail network .


Entice Deer In From Neighboring Hunting Camps

Maybe the local deer population hasn’t been fed as well as they would like and they want a change of venue .

Deer are people too and they have just as much right as you to a good meal every so often and it’s up to you to make sure they get whats coming them so if the guys in the neighboring camp are treating their guest badly then you need to invite them over to your camp to see how things are done .

I went to a few of our neighboring camps and planted persimmons on their property’s but close to our border line because but also planted more persimmons at the border and then down a line leading into the depths of our camp where they would be more than welcome to come visit for a dinner or two .

Mushroom Stewed Deer For Dinner

Deer Love mushrooms so this is about planting mushrooms for them so they can make a pre-ordered mushroom stew out of themselves .


Add Some Mushrooms To Your Camp Diet

To add mushrooms to your camp diet you will need some starter shrooms which you can find if you go to camp or a local park a few days after it rains in mid summer to late fall then go into north facing shaded areas down in the swamp and look for mushrooms especially ones that have been partially eaten but I would pick any seen and remember to cut only the top portion off so that the Mycelium will remain intact and you will still have a regrowth of mushrooms from the existing stock .

Unless your already experienced at foraging for mushrooms then you should take it as a given that you are in all probability picking poisonous mushrooms . 

They may be poisonous to humans but are edible by wildlife .

You then take these samples and put them in a coffee grinder and pulverize remembering to clean out the grinder thoroughly because of residual toxins being still present . 

 The grinding process will not damage or kill the spores because they are so small ..

Wear a mask and don’t breath in the dust ..

I recommend a grinder that will no longer be used in the household . Use a magic marker to draw a skull and crossbones on it etc..

After grinding into a powder mix it in a 5 gallon jug of warm water with a pound of brown sugar mixed in and then use a 3 gallon sprayer to spray the mix around your camp in–

  • North facing areas..
  • North facing sides of old oak trees ..
  • Piles of old rotted dead oak timbers..
  • Small clearings down in the swamp that get some sunlight are great if they are covered in oak leaves
  • Make your own oak timber piles and spray them ..
  • Make piles of old straw in a shaded area in the swamp and spray them..
  • Shady edges of small streams .
  • Shaded sides of dead tree piles left from previous logging in area .
  • Follow along the trail edges leading from neighbors hunt camp and on deep into your hunt camp

Corned Mushroom Goodie Bags

Hang some bags along trails leading into camp but hang em high and fill them with straw and mushroom spores and corn seed and just a little potting soil .

This will allow the mushrooms to grow using the straw as a composting layer and the corn kernels will slowly rot which will put out a smell that the deer love and they will follow these goodie bags into your camp so keep them high up out of reach and in a shaded spot .

A canvas grocery bag would work great . Soak it down with water and brown sugar ..

If you choose the right bag it should allow the mushrooms to grow out the top of the bag and also out through the sides of the bag .

If done correctly it will produce mushrooms for years and possibly some corn as well .

Maybe put some carrot seeds in too.

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