What Do Deer Like To Eat

A Deer's Favorite Food Seems To Be Persimmons

I’d have to vote for persimmons as being the favorite food that deer like the most and I don’t blame them because persimmons are delicious.

I had a boss who gifted out homemade persimmon jam every Christmas for years and it was definitely tasty so it makes sense that a deer should like it so much that it forgets about the rules of engagement and puts itself in harms way in attempts to get at this delicious fruit. 

You can get persimmons to grow naturally at your hunt camp by being diligent and patient every time you go to camp . We had around 480 acres of hunting ground and at first there were only a certain number of persimmon trees around but that quickly changed by adding a few steps to a regular routine at camp which was to stop at each and every deer related poop pile and either pick it up and rebury it in a good spot where it could grow new trees or at least to  scrape all the pile with the seeds over to the side of the camp road and scratch a quick mini garden in and do some planting .

At first I thought this later attempt at proper gardening was useless and I was just getting a bunch of crap on my boots for no reason but the next season proved me wrong as there was now an abundance of persimmon trees around camp and up and down all the roads at camp.

I just kept in mind to stop at every turd no matter what and just dig in and deal with it like a real man .

No matter how much i cried I kept telling myself -{It’s just a turd ,It will be OK , Man Up }

I didn’t get down on my hands and knees and smell the turd ,nor taste the turd, The fact that it looked like a turd was good enough and i left it at that and the system worked not just well but very well. So the next time your at camp don’t walk away frightened of a little old turd or scoff at it and declare your too good for it . Try instead to give it a good loving hug because that turds going to grow up someday into a world class buck because you and no one else had the foresight to give a turd . 

Here's a persimmon tree with ripe fruit

The fruit ripens mid to late autumn just in time to fatten up your favorite deer for dinner

persimmon tree ripe fruit
What Do Deer Like To Eat 3

Persimmon Tree Leaves Are Long Slender and Waxy Green

This is about the average number of seeds that are in your everyday deer turd so you can get a good idea as to why you need to kick a turd to the side of the road every time you see one because if just a few of these seeds grow then you’ll have plenty of fruit trees at hunt camp by end of the next hunt season. 

What Do Deer Like To Eat 4

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