Will An Electric ATV work at Hunt Camp

What Are the Pro's And Con's Of Having an Electric ATV Down At Your Hunting Camp?

With the advent of electric vehicles entering the marketplace in ever increasing numbers it’s only a matter of time before they reach the backwoods of America and into your favorite hunting spot .

electric atv for hunt camp

Pro's of changing from gas to electric ATV's

  1. Stealth is the main reason , You’ll now be able to go back into the furthest most areas of your hunting camp or your favorite spot in National Forest without disturbing Bambis beauty sleep , sneak up on him and blow his brains out and do this after you have been trying to”Stalk” Bambi for the past 10 years in your 6000 decibel rattling ass junker DIY – Custom -ATV that you put together by begging for spare parts from all your camp buddy’s for years on end .
  2. You’ll have “ELECTRIC” right there at your deer stand and if you hook up an inverter or get it as optional equipment along with custom leather seats and an all weather topper you’ll then be able to brew up some coffee right there at your stand while your nice and toasty up in your stand because you had a brain storm and ran a 50 foot electric cord up to connect to your electric blanket with teddy bears on it and watch your favorite sports team at the same time. 
  3. Electric ATV’s can potentially rewrite the whole hunting experience into a luxury hunt of glamorous proportions.
  4. No more suffering up in the wind and rain or falling asleep as you can now have a electric neck massage running if you don’t pull too many amps with your heated socks running on high.
  5. This will bring about a whole new genre of products directly related to having juice to keep your own private Idaho in a tree top .
  6. You’ll of course have to order the Utra Primo upgrade ATV that has a hydraulic pump so that you can powerlift your 10,000 lb multi level spacious hunt stand that you bought from Glam Hunt Club dot com.
  7. The ATV as a whole will have a  much smaller recessed area in front so that you can pull right up into a tree and will also have a much smaller profile in the rear so that backing up will be easier .
  8. The AtV’s Electric motor is much lighter than a gas powered one so will be easier to transport .
  9. Repairs will be more simplified . If the motor does give out in your lifetime which is doubtful as they last so long you can pull the motor down at camp and take it home for a replacement or better yet order a new one from Amazon and have it delivered next day straight to drunk camp and replace it when it arrives .
  10. This will give you a good excuse to stay at camp and keep hunting .
  11. Most of these motors are interchangeable across different brands so you should be able to cross reference a motor from a different ATV manufacturer.
  12. There will be less injured backs due to heaving, huffing, and puffing an ATV out of a pot hole, gully, wash or across a stream and getting it back on your trailer or into your truck bed will be easier due to the weight loss – the ATVs weight loss not your’s .You’ll probably gain weight since hauling your ATV’s around during hunting season is probably the only real exercise you get all year .

Con's of changing from gas to electric ATV's

  1. How to charge ATV at hunting camp will be a big hurdle as it may need to be recharged for long periods of time and if you forget to bring a spare battery pack or two then you may be out of luck which is one reason for the need to have battery packs removable so that they can be charged anywhere there’s AC or Solar
  2. You’ll have to remember to charge the battery’s before hunt camp trip just the same as you try to remember birthdays, anniversaries etc..

What's Needed By Manufacturers To Make Electric vehicles Work In A Rural Environment

Here's a list of what would be great, {Add On Functionality} for electric vehicles at camp or out exploring.

  1. A removable and rechargeable battery pack with ability to jump other vehicles and also use as emergency back up power source.
  2. Instead of just one battery pack have 2 or 3 or 4 battery packs “with battery level for monitoring” so that they can be interchanged .
  3. A warning buzzer to notify as to when battery’s are going dead and how much power is left in charge .
  4. Heated seats and handle bars since there is now electric power source to wire to.
  5. Ability to charge from 120 or 22o volt AC electric , DC electric, or straight charge from Solar connection. 

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